i have another blog, but this is my artwork showcase blog

i am transplanted from almost a whole lifehood in colorado ~ now i live in north central kansas, farm country – u.s.a. –

with my husband, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 chickens

i like doing all kinds of art – photography – stuff that lends itself to hands-on creativity, experimentation, process

i paint or do ‘stuff’ in my studio (yes, i have waited for a studio to have a place – and now i have it –  to put a life’s collection of ‘things i will do someday’)  – so i go there almost daily

for more ‘everyday goings on’ AND ABOUT THE PROCESS – visit that other blog i mentioned above at my blogger blog at http://jpwall.blogspot.com

unless you show up in junk mail, which is very possible, i will get right back to you, otherwise it may be a day or two, if you don’t hear by then, try me again…i get too much junk mail     pattiewall@hotmail.com

please DO NOT copy my work and reuse it for any reason – if you like it – come back often and look at it.

that’s why there is a © symbol after my name on all of the art.

many of them are FOR SALE.


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